Journey Ring with crystals
Journey Ring with crystals
CS London

Journey Ring with crystals

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My Silver Journey Ring is influenced by the very first ring that I designed and made for QVC. My original ring was yellow gold and diamond and was known on TV as 'Claudia's Diamond Ring'.  

This is the silver version, and i've made it with strands of undulating silver ribbons with 7 lucky crystals set in-between.  

Available in size L (S/M)

Weight is 5.5g


As a Mother of four beautiful children, I've loved so much the blessing to nurture them and watch them grow (they are now 23, 21, 15 and 11). I'm grateful every day for the chance to share the lessons i've learnt along my life's journey.  I encourage my children to always be brave enough to explore what they truly love to do and never to fear failure or rejection.  After following a fairly traditional career throughout my 20’s, I knew I wanted to take more risk and express myself in an authentic way for my 30’s & beyond.  I always had a desire to create things, collaborate with others and to explore my creative potential, so I left secure employment and set up on my own in 2010.
When and how did this independent desire begin?
It all started when as a teenager I would experiment with the intricate handmade tools in my Father’s workshop in Buckinghamshire, England.
My Father is known as one of “the World's finest Craftsmen”. I just call him Dad, others call him Peter Nelson.  Formally an apprentice in the 1950's of the famous James Purdey & Sons he went on to set up his own company, making under his own British brand of  PV  Nelson, London
Peter Nelson is known in his industry as ‘Mr Perfection’, little wonder when one of his collector pieces took approximately 800 hours to complete by hand. Peter, (or Dad) has retired now but is very much active in the quality control and 'strong advice giving' here at Claudia Sylvester London™. !!
So as a youngster, I'd make cufflinks, large belt buckles (image below with my Dad in his workshop) and jewellery from the raw materials I found in his workshop and shape and file and polish them into wearable pieces to share with my friends.  
This sparked my love and desire for unique design (they were definitely unique, let's get that straight!!) and planted the idea of one day creating my own brand, just like my Father did all those years ago. 
"I wanted to create beautiful pieces of work and be brave and proud enough to share them with others, even people I’d never met".  
After Education, I went straight into the Corporate workforce. I worked as a Marketing Recruitment Consultant placing candidates into Microsoft & Symantec for three years and then I became a Marketing Manager with the IT company, Softcat PLC for a further 5 years
(see my cheesy picture below centre  We clearly loved big collars in the 1990's).
I took a sabbatical in 1993 and travelled Australia and south east Asia on a working visa with my then boyfriend and now Husband of 26 years, Steven Sylvester, Author & Chartered Psychologist and spent a year living and working as a model in Melbourne for various Designers including
Louis Féraud and Calvin Klein.
Back in London, I signed with the Agent IMG (Lorraine Ashton) and modelled for Vivienne Westwood & Anna Sui in London Fashion Week and worked with many of the Designers I admired.  It was a magical time to be young and living and working in London especially in the Fashion Industry in the 90's.
Still with a love of design but looking at moving away from modelling, I auditioned and switched to TV presenting on the Home Shopping Channel QVC and loved the experience of Live TV so much, I worked at QVC for the next 16 years!       
It was after the birth of our 4th child that I finally made the decision to 'go for it' and fulfil that dream I had in my childhood. I'd wanted to do it for so long and now was a great time to take the leap of faith.  QVC had already enabled me to Design and sell my first creation live on air (called Claudia's Diamond Ring). It was a Gold and Diamond strand ring and sold out many times on-air. We offered it in three colours of gold and sold thousands of them
(See the QVC advert for my below).
With determination, a steep learning curve, a lot of hard work and many hurdles over the past 10 years, I have now formed a strong and dedicated team of world-class collaborators to create exceptional Bespoke Jewellery and Luxury Home Accessories from our central London workshop.  
What’s my future plan for the Brand?
I am working on collaborative projects to offer more Home Lifestyle products to my customers and that includes Luxury Soft Furnishings, Bedding, Lighting, Candles & Home Fragrances - I want wrap everyone in affordable luxury for their precious home spaces.
I am also planning on making more of my gorgeous Bamboo Towels & Robes after we sold them all out in the UK stores at the start of 2020.  I have also had requests for Sumptuous Luxury Throws, so I’m planning them now for Winter 2021.

I'd love you to come and visit Claudia Sylvester London on Facebook to get a behind the scenes look at some of the designs that my team and I have created together over the last decade.
It's a great way to get in touch too.
I'm proud to say, that for a decade now, I have my Designer's Hallmark registered at the famous Goldsmith's Company Assay Office in Hatton Garden, London.
Oh... and well done for reading all of that....I did used to talk live on TV for hours at a time remember.
Sending you love and kindness always

Thanks for stopping by to read. I hope I can make you something one day.

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