New CS London Towels now in stores and online
New CS London Towels now in stores and online
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CS London Luxury Towels

CS London Luxury Towels are made with two very different types of new fabric technology - "Bamboo" and "Silver Ion Technology" making both styles beautifully soft, super absorbent and ANTI-BACTERIAL.
CS London Towels are perfect for general home Bathroom use, Yoga enthusiasts, Swimming/Sauna's. The ANTI-BACTERIAL treatment means they won't attract stale smells and will stay fresher for longer, repelling nasty germs and odours.  
You can also wash them on a cool setting and tumble dry on a low one - money saving and energy efficient too.
CS London Towels not only look and feel fabulous but they have been made to be more hygienic and better for our environment. Bamboo is eco friendly. 
All CS London Towels are ideal for super sensitive skin and available in white, neutral and deep charcoal grey colour.
We also have Silver and Bamboo face cloths, which are ideal for makeup removal and cleansing sensitive skin. They come in packs of three and seven. Distribution and Retail enquiries to
All CS London Towels will display this logo above, our mark of British Heritage and the Finest Quality.