My Father wins award for his craftsmanship on the Queen's Golden Jubilee Gun

Friday 3rd Feb 2012

Hello everyone who's following my work on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commission, a little update for you.

Continuing the work on  our Diamond Jubilee Creation, I came across some beautiful sketches, plans and documents on my Fathers Golden Jubilee Gun which won a coverted award at the Concours d'Elegance.  It's truly a work of art and just beautiful craftsmanship in every single aspect.  I have now decided, along with several of us here at the workshop that we will be using elements of the engraving upon our final design.  

Here are some extracts from the publicity around the Golden Jubilee Gun that is now residing with a Collector in the United States of America.

"Showcased by Griffin & Howe, this magnificent exhibition 20 bore was built in England by PV Nelson, commemorating The Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.  

This gun was awarded the Boothroyd Award at the Sixth Gold Medal Concours d'Elegance of Fine Guns 

Engraved by Phil Coggan, depicting English wild flowers and has been inlayed with different colour gold’s, side lever damascened, top rib gold inlayed.

P.V. Nelson built this gun with a side lever because he had never seen an English Best Quality over and under 20 bore with a side lever before and he always strives to build something a little different.

Offered for your consideration at £190,000.00 sterling
Case in oak, alligator, lined in red goat skin, carcase gold embossed with detachable lid by Vince Rickards, Swindon, England 

Tools in gold plate by Mike Marsh"

England Barrels28”
Choke O ¼ 
Choke U ½ 
Drop @ comb 1 3/8 
Drop @ heel 1 7/8” 
Length of pull @ heel 15 1/8” 
Length of pull @ centre 15” 
Length of pull @ toe 15 3/8” 
Cast for right hand 3/8” Off 

About P.V. Nelson

P.V. Nelson started his career at James Purdey & Son on the 5th January 1953 age 15. Six year apprenticeship, the first two years under Mr. Ernie Lawrence (brother of Harry Lawrence) where he learned to file and use the machinery to make actioning tools for over & under guns. 

Best London Gunmaker - P.V. Nelson 

5th January 2009, P.V. Nelson celebrates 55 years as a Master Gunmaker 

In the mid 50’s, little demand for over and under, (O/U) shotguns
Transferred to James Purdey & Son’s side by side, (SxS), action shop
Finished apprenticeship under Ben Delay 
Purdey number 26827 P.V. Nelson’s first proof piece, a 12 bore SxS
Submitted to The London Proof House on the 20th February 1959
Received, Freedom of the City of London (by apprenticeship)
Inducted as member, The Worshipful Company of Gun Makers, (Livery)

July 1966 returned to building O/U actions with E. Lawrence 
First O/U 12 Bore No. 27417 
With James Purdey & Son for 18 years, building their best examples
June 1971 left James Purdey & Son 
Joined Hartmann & Weiss, Hamburg, Germany
Considerable experience working with all types of weapons building including the Heeren Falling Block Rifles, metal work only and optics

1974 P.V. Nelson returns to England to form Hartmann & Weiss Ltd.
Continues to build Heeren actions in addition to visiting auction houses to buy guns and renovate them to a standard of quality hitherto not seen in the London gun trade. They were sent to Hamburg for resale. 
As a trained Master Gunmaker P.V. Nelson returned to his roots, to the building of Best London guns, SxS shotguns and double rifles

1989, after 18 years with Hartmann & Weiss, Nelson commenced building his own guns,

bearing the now famous marque of P.V. Nelson

Guns built for James Purdey & Sons 164 
Guns built Hartmann & Weiss 32 
Guns built P. V. Nelson 79 

Guns built by P.V. Nelson have been engraved by A. Brown, P. Coggan, K. Thomas, K. Hunt and of late two by R Swartley in the U.S.A

Summary of important P.V. Nelson technical improvements 
Due to the training and experience gained at James Purdey & Son, many of P.V. Nelson’s guns are built to their style whilst placing his own distinctive mark on the piece. When a client calls for a spring opener, the Purdey style is adopted but with more of a Boss & Co shape, in either a round or square body. Many of P.V. Nelson’s guns are of a Boss & Co type. Three being completed with Boss & Co style spring opening actions 
Double rifles are of a Boss & Co type with Holland shaped bolsters 

P.V. Nelson’s over and unders have always been styled on the Boss & Co design. The only two differences are:
1). Detachable pieces in the side loops on the barrels at the end of the fore end, designed so that if ever the fore end becomes loose, there is no need to strip and relay ribs, one only needs to renew the detachable pieces, 
2). Screw in striker discs that go in at the back of the action


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