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Good Afternoon

How exciting that I've been able to bring you my favourite Luxury Scented Candles.  These are the beautiful Buick House Candles I use to fragrance my home. I currently have The Loft in my kitchen which smells of the incredible scent of Jasmine, Grapefruit and Bergamot and I have The Meadow in my bedroom with the gentle fragrances of Orange, Lily and Mandarin. 

All 6 fragrances make an appearance at different times of the month and in different rooms of the house depending on my mood. The whole family adore the gentle scents around our home and it's going to be an inviting aroma for when we finally welcome guests once again.

Buick House Candles are absolutely not tested on animals, are made of hand poured natural wax and all have the most exquisite fragrances.  

I'd love you to try one and let me know what you're favourite fragrant choice is. 

Lots of Love



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