"We craft a beautiful part of your legacy. Where Exquisite Jewellery Chronicles Your Unique Story"
"We craft a beautiful part of your legacy. Where Exquisite Jewellery Chronicles Your Unique Story"
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Partnerships and Full Collaborations with my clients....

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Good Day ! Hope reading this finds you well. I was wanting to catch up about how my website will be changing soon to accommodate and bring together all the partnership work I do. The various aspects of my career from sport to the sales and purchasing of assets such as super prime real estate and stunning diamonds and bespoke jewellery.

For many years i've worked with diamonds and rare gemstones (12 years since I set up my own brand) and even longer in elite sports but more recently bringing those two areas into Luxury Real Estate and other such assets.

The overarching 3 elements to all these industries I enjoy working in, is partnerships, collaborations and relationships. They all work together to serve customers in the best way possible.

I'll give you an exact example of how this has happened recently.  One client of mine works in football and I first met him through an event I was running about 14 years ago. We went on together to fund some incredible sporting events.   It was his wife's big birthday and he asked me to design her a special piece of jewellery, which I did and she loved it, a beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet.

Subsequently his wife and I became friends and I have since made her and her daughter a few more pieces of jewellery to mark special milestone events, even collaborating on a design together. 

Forward wind to this year and I am now finding them a new family home abroad, somewhere sunny they can take their family year after year and eventually spend six months every year there.  So it's going to be an important journey and decision we will go through together and they trust me implicitly that i'll serve their best interests at all times and importantly I know what suits them and how to manage the process that works best for their needs. 

Through relationship and partnering across my 3 businesses, I have served one client across different industries. All of this could not be done of course without trust and connection, the feeling that you can do anything in partnership knowing the outcome will be generated through working together.  

Relationships are the key to success in anything... build them to last, build them strong.



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