My brand new Designs are just desperate to come out and party.

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It's been a long time since i've launched my brand new designs on a website. Way back, I used to put them on my home page and sing and dance about them. I'm not sure it's to do with the fact that they seem to have to share the attention and my time with the Bespoke pieces or whether i'm not on my website enough. But I need to make a chance and embrace the technology. So... with that in mind I will post a few blogs about the story behind some of my new pieces that will soon be available to purchase.

Here's a picture literally of my first prototype's taken on my desk here.  In fact they are so pretty they still look lovely just taken on my phone.  This collection is currently nameless but is two toned gold - white and yellow and features a snake chain and beaded stations.  I love it because it's so fluid and feels sensual to touch.



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