A New Month and Unchartered Territory - January 2021

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Well we're half way into January 2021 and it's been a total whirlwind.  I felt a little like December 2020 sucked me into a Vortex and spat me out mid Jan.  It's going to be a busy busy few months with the launch of both the Silver Collection and my new Towels both happening this month.  So far so good with the Silver Jewellery as that wasn't expected to be too stressy as it's been my forte for so long now but with the towels there's been a few delays and a few hair raising moments. It's always a challenge to launch a completely new product range so we're going to take it slowly. 

I will dance around with glee when I finally receive notification that they are all in stores and ready to go.....until then I shall concentrate on getting the Jewellery sent out to the right destinations and keeping my desk super tidy. I have this 'clean desk policy' that I am a little too strict with.    I have a glass desk which constantly needs polishing so it's a good reason to keep all my sketch books and papers neatly put away at the end of the day. But when the sunshines through the window, I go into polishing overdrive....it's actually quite annoying. 

Have a super week



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