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It's such a pleasure to be able create beautiful and intricate Jewellery for my clients. Just to give you an idea of who it is I usually make for. If it's engagement rings then I'll be spending 80% of my time with a man and his desire to create something special that will last a lifetime for his fiancé.  If i'm making something as a special one off design, maybe or a birthday or anniversary then I'll be spending almost 100% of my time with my women clients.  

I don't have a preference as the stories and the experience of creation is all as equally beautiful and blessed. I haven't been so good at putting up blog on this site seeing as it's a relatively new website. I know my previous website, I was much better and I so wished I still had it but it's floating out in the ether somewhere having been eaten by a gremlin.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos of my creations and I promise to add many more over the next few weeks.

Happy June

Love Claudia


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