"We craft a beautiful part of your legacy. Where Exquisite Jewellery Chronicles Your Unique Story"
"We craft a beautiful part of your legacy. Where Exquisite Jewellery Chronicles Your Unique Story"
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A Decade of Excellence: A Perfect Partnership in Luxury

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In the realm of sophisticated jewellery and luxury real estate, where impeccable taste and opulent living are the norm, we are thrilled to announce a partnership that has been a decade in the making. Our longstanding collaboration with a fabulous interior designer, whose work is revered by discerning individuals worldwide, is set to elevate the world of luxury living to new heights. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and the art of crafting a lifestyle that exudes elegance and refinement. Could I be any more excited?

A Decade of Friendship and Trust

For the past ten years, my journey alongside this remarkable designer, has been nothing short of extraordinary and at Claudia Sylvester London™ we have often leaned on her immaculate and broad shoulders for advice and guidance. Her unparalleled talent for creating interior masterpieces has captivated the hearts of high net worth individuals who own homes across the globe. Her discerning clients not only value her impeccable design sense but also hold her opinion in the highest regard when it comes to curating their dream interiors. Who is she you wonder?  Ahhhh, well until our final meticulous plans have been carefully laid out we will keep her under wraps, that and she's still finishing a rather ginormous home in the French Alps.

A Symbiotic Partnership

What I can say is that our partnership is truly exceptional because of the seamless synergy that exists between our worlds, that of fine jewellery and luxury interiors. Just as she relies on our expertise in crafting bespoke high-end jewellery to accentuate her clients' personal style, we, in turn, entrust her to infuse her design magic into our clients homes.

As we embark on this new chapter of our partnership, we are filled with excitement and anticipation. Together, we aim to provide an unmatched experience of luxury living, where every detail, from the furnishings that grace your home to the jewellery that adorns your person, is a testament to refined taste and exceptional craftsmanship.

Love forever

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